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Loan account/agreement numbers not always needed to start your claim!

When is the PPI deadline?

PPI claims have been around for some time. Many people are asking the same question, when is the ppi deadline? They have resulted from a number of financial lenders mis-selling PPI policies. These policies were sold as protecting payments that you need to make for your borrowings in the result of illnesses or inability to work.

However, over time it was found that these policies were not as they were sold. The exceptions that applied to making a claim were not properly explained and the premiums that would be applied were not clear.

This resulted in many customers deciding to make their own PPI claims. They in turn received compensation from the banks on the PPI related payments that they made.

However, it looks like June 2019 will herald the end of these claims.

Why have they imposed this PPI deadline date?

The Financial Conduct Authority decided during 2016 that they needed to bring the claims for PPI to a close. In order to do this they have set a deadline for making these claims. Whilst it originally was set during 2018. It has since been extended to June 2019. Giving you a little more time to make your claim.

What about if I don’t make a PPI claim before the PPI deadline?

If you do not make a claim for PPI before June 2019, then you will no longer be able to make a claim. This will mean that you miss out on any compensation that you are entitled too. Even if you have a valid case against the bank in question.

Do I still have time to make a PPI check?

Whilst some PPI claims can be processed quickly, there are also some that take time. This means that you should think about making your claim for PPI soon, otherwise you could miss out.

The best way to ensure that your PPI claim is made quickly is to use a professional and dedicated PPI claim company. They will be on hand to give their expert advice to you during the process. Not only will they deal with all communication and correspondence with the bank you are making a claim against. But they will also make sure that you receive every penny that you are entitled to.

Make sure that you claim your slice of the PPI pie before the deadline date otherwise you could be left out in the cold, don’t worry about the answer to the when is the ppi deadline question!