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Mrs D, Leeds
Loan account/agreement numbers not always needed to start your claim!

The PPI deadline and how it affects you

Earlier on this year news came out regarding PPI claims and how a PPI deadline date was going to be imposed on them. This PPI deadline will herald the end of making claims against mis-sold PPI policies. Something that will please the banks and financial lenders after years of paying out to their customers.

However, for the customers themselves this means that there is no time to wait in making your PPI check and claim.

When is the PPI deadline?

The deadline for making PPI claims is set out as June 2019. This is an extension on the original date of Spring 2018. This has been put in place by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after discussions with some of the main banks responsible for mis-sold PPI policies.

What will happen after this date?

In the simplest terms, you will not be able to make a claim for PPI after June 2019. Therefore, if you believe that you have been mis-sold a PPI policy, then you need to get the wheels in motion now. Otherwise you may find that you miss out on money that you are entitled to.

Do I need to make my claim now?

Yes, you may think that 2 years is plenty of time to make a PPI check and PPI claim. However, it can take time to process these claims. Even if you use one of the best PPI claims companies. It takes time to find all of the relevant information. Not only this but there are also a number of communications that need to be made on your behalf with the relevant financial lender.
One of the best ways to make sure that your PPI claim will be processed quickly and your compensation paid out is to use an expert PPI claim company. They will know exactly what is needed from you and ensure that all of the relevant information is sent through to the bank or lender quickly.

They will be on hand to guide you through every part of the process. Always making sure that you do not miss out on making your PPI claim and that everything is completed within the PPI deadline date.
Don’t wait to see if there is money that you are entitled to. Make a PPI check today and see if there is some money out there waiting to be sent through to you. June 2019 is fast approaching, and this simple date could mean that you miss out.