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Mrs D, Leeds
Loan account/agreement numbers not always needed to start your claim!

When is the PPI deadline? – The Latest

When is the ppi deadline? Here’s the deal…

PPI claims have been in the media for the past few years. Payment Protection Insurance is a form of payment insurance designed to work alongside a variety of financial borrowings. This includes credit cards, loans and mortgages.

Unfortunately, it was found that PPI policies were mis-sold to the customers that it was designed to help. Exclusions were not properly explained for people that were self employed and many people who found themselves sick, injured or left unemployed were not covered by the insurance that they had been paying out for.

when is the ppi deadline

Making PPI claims is easy

The best news when it comes to making a PPI claim is that it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Whilst you can choose to contact the lender and find your details yourself, you may find that by using a dedicated and professional PPI claims company, you won’t have to be involved.

They will get in touch with the lender concerned and make sure that you are awarded the money that you deserve. You won’t need to speak to the lender, you won’t need to worry about correspondence, records and files. Everything will be done on your behalf.

All you will need to do is give those initial details and wait to hear back from the PPI claims company as to the amount that you have been awarded.

Not only this, but a PPI claims company can help if your claim is older than 6 years. Whilst all lenders have a duty to keep your records for 6 years from the closing of the account, this does not mean that once this period is over, you will not be able to make a claim.

When is the PPI deadline?

There is however, one deadline applied to making a PPI claim. So when is the PPI deadline?

The FCA decided that there needs to be a time limitation on being able to make PPI claims against banks and other lenders. They have set this date to June 2019. This means that after June 2019, you will no longer be able to claim back on mis-sold PPI claim policies.

PPI claims can be worth a considerable amount of money. So make sure that you don’t miss out on cash that you are entitled to.
Get in touch with a professional PPI claims company today and let them handle your claim. You may be surprised  just how easy it is to get back the money that relates to your mis-sold policy.

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