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“I wasn’t sure if I had PPI or if I was even due any money back but PPI Check Company sorted everything out for me and got me my mis-sold money back! Can’t thank you enough , I’ve got plans for the money already. Highly recommend you also check!”
Mrs D, Leeds
Loan account/agreement numbers not always needed to start your claim!

Extra PPI Deadline Date Info

Have you been thinking about making a PPI claim for some time? Keep putting off taking those first few steps?
If this is true for you, then perhaps it is worth making a PPI check and seeing whether you have a claim. This is because during 2016 a ppi deadline date was introduced by the FCA on making PPI claims against mis-sold policies.

The PPI deadline date
This date is June 2019. After which you will no longer be able to make any claims on mis-sold PPI policies. Even if you are sure that you have a legitimate case.

No-one wants to lose out on money that they are entitled to. Which means that there has never been a better time to look into whether you are eligible for a PPI claim. The first step of this is to make a PPI check. There are a number of companies that will allow you to do this with them. Both PPI Scotland and PPI England companies will then be able to take on your case and process it as quickly as they can.

They will ask for minimal information, and once you choose the best PPI claim company, you can be sure that they will put all the expertise into making sure that you get your money back before the PPI deadline.
Unsurprisingly the banks are keen to bring an end to all of the PPI claims. However, what you may not realise is that they have already put in place the funds to cover all of the expected claims.

How far back can you claim PPI?

Whilst there is now a deadline imposed on PPI claims, there is still no time restrictions in place as to how far back you can claim your PPI.

You may find that banks will state that they only keep their records for 6 years. However, this does not mean that your claim is hopeless. It may just mean that it will take some extra time to ensure that all the relevant records are in place.
Therefore, if you have an older PPI claim that you thought wouldn’t be possible. Get in touch with a dedicated PPI claim company today. You may find that you are owed money for a mis-sold policy, and you still have time to process any claim before the PPI deadline date looms.

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