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Loan account/agreement numbers not always needed to start your claim!

FAQ: How Far Back Can You Claim PPI?

This FAQ ‘how far back can you claim ppi?’ is very common. Here’s your answer…

PPI has been a big thing in the financial world for a number of years now. People around the UK have been contacting banks and other lenders in order to claim back money that was spent out on mis-sold PPI policies.
Some people have been put off of making a PPI claim due to the common misconception that there is a 6 year time limit. So, just how true is this and how far back can you claim PPI?

The 6 year time limit

The idea of having a 6 year time limit on old loan or financial agreements claims for PPI is something that was created by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The idea of a 6 year limit is not a lie, however, it relates to the time period as to which a bank or lender is required to fully investigate your particular claim.
It is not a time limit as such. Rather a guideline for the lenders themselves.

How far back can you claim PPI?
In actually fact, there have been plenty of claims for PPI that have exceeded the 6 year mark. Proving that they are completely possible.

However, the old the account, the harder it can be to make a claim against it.
But why?

The 6 year time frame refers to the amount of time that your lender will keep the records of your loan agreement. It is important to remember that this 6 year period is not from the beginning of the loan, but when it has been completed and all paid off.

That means, if your account is still an active one, whether you opened it 20 years ago, you can still make a claim against any PPI that you believe you have been mis-sold.

Meaning that you can get back every penny that you are owed.

how far back can you claim ppi?

There is now a deadline of when you can claim

Whilst the 6 year period may not be all that it seems, there is now a time limit been put on PPI claims. This has been set by the FCA and is June 2019. This means that you are now limited on when you can make your PPI claim.
Believe that you have a claim for PPI that could be approved? There really has been no better time to make your claim. The best way to get the results that you are deserve is to get in touch with an expert PPI claim company.
They will be able to process your claim. Communicate with the lender and make the entire claim all the quicker.
This doesn’t matter whether it is a brand new claim or one that has been 6 years old. This means that now you know the answer to how far back you can claim PPI.

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