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“I wasn’t sure if I had PPI or if I was even due any money back but PPI Check Company sorted everything out for me and got me my mis-sold money back! Can’t thank you enough , I’ve got plans for the money already. Highly recommend you also check!”
Mrs D, Leeds
Loan account/agreement numbers not always needed to start your claim!

How easy is it to make a PPI check?

A few years ago PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) was created, a scandal which prompted many to carry out a ppi check, checking for compensation. It was an insurance policy taken out to cover any debt repayments if you became unable to work. They were most popular with mortgages and larger loans as these often had the highest repayments.

Whilst they were sold alongside more legitimate options to protect you financially. People soon found that this insurance had been mis-sold and were not able to fulfil their purpose.

It is important to remember that if you are going to make a PPI check and a compensation claim that there is a PPI deadline date. All claims must be made June 2019. Otherwise you will not be able to make your claim.

How to make your PPI check and claim

If you ever took something out on credit, then it may be worthwhile that you make a PPI check. Many of the mis-sold PPI policies were attached to loans, mortgages, credit cards or store cards.
This is why so many people have decided to take a look at their eligibility for making a PPI claim.
One of the biggest surprises for many people is just how easy it is to make their PPI check and claim. Many think that the process will be long and drawn out, however, the truth is that it is simple to do.
This is especially true if you use a professional PPI claim company to process your claim. They have a wealth of experience in dealing with these claims and know exactly how to get the results you want in no time at all.

What if my borrowing was some time ago?

You may wonder how far back can you claim PPI. The surprise for many people is that there is no time limit on how far back you can claim for your PPI. However, you may find that the older the account, the more difficult it is to make a claim.
That said, it isn’t impossible and if you believe that you are owed any PPI from a policy that was mis-sold to you. You should always try to make a PPI check and finding the best PPI claim company can help your chances.
Plenty of people around the UK have already made a successful PPI claim and with the PPI deadline of June 2019 approaching, you will want to make sure you don’t miss out!