• Mr M won £17,122 back!

  • Mr A won £7,767.05 back!

  • Mrs F won £24,529.64 back!

  • Mrs E won £4,406.60 back!

“I wasn’t sure if I had PPI or if I was even due any money back but PPI Check Company sorted everything out for me and got me my mis-sold money back! Can’t thank you enough , I’ve got plans for the money already. Highly recommend you also check!”
Mrs D, Leeds
Loan account/agreement numbers not always needed to start your claim!

Finding the Best PPI claim company

Do you think that you have a PPI claim to make? If you do, then you will want to make sure you get the money back that you deserve.

There are several guides online which can help you through the PPI check and claim process. However, you may find that you benefit by using a PPI claim company instead.

But why are they a good idea and how can you make sure that you have the best PPI claim company for your claim?

What are PPI claims companies?

PPI claim companies are companies that act on your behalf during the PPI compensation process. They behave much like a legal firm. They will act as a third party. Representing your case and handling all communication between yourself and the financial body. 

What are the benefits of using the best PPI claim company?

Whilst you do not need to use a PPI claim company to make your PPI claim. There are a whole host of benefits of choosing to do this rather than processing it yourself.

One of the biggest benefits is that using a PPI claim company will relieve yourself from the pressure of having to process the claim. They will deal with all the relevant paperwork and communication. Meaning that the interaction that you have to have with the company you are claiming against is minimal, if at all.

You will only have to supply the basic details of the account that you want to make the claim on, and the PPI claims company will do all the hard work for you.

They are experts in making sure that people receive the money back from mis-sold PPI policies. They will work hard on your behalf to ensure that the best outcome is reached.

It is important to remember that PPI claim companies will take a fee for processing your PPI claim. The amount charged varies between the companies, so make sure that you shop around and find the best deal for you.

Think about the PPI deadline date

Whether you are making the claim yourself, or going through a PPI check company, it is important to act today. A deadline has been imposed on PPI claims and all of them need to be made before June 2019. Failing to do this could mean that you lose money that you are owed; and no-one wants to lose money!