Claiming PPI Scotland – What if I don’t have my details?

Making a PPI claim can have great financial benefits for you. In fact, it is thought a single claim could lead to thousands of pounds being paid back to you. However, one of the most common concerns that people have before making a PPI Scotland check is that they don’t have enough information to enable them to pursue their claim with a PPI claim company.

Failing to have all the information that you may need will make the PPI check and claim process trickier, however, it certainly doesn’t make it impossible. To help you on your way, we have put together our guide to ensure that you can make your PPI Scotland claim and get back the money that you deserve, despite not having all the information to hand.

PPI Scotland? I have forgotten who my lender was!

Think that you had a credit agreement which had PPI applied, but not sure who the lender was? If this is true for you then your credit report may be able to point you in the right direction. These reports will list any debts that you had within the last 6 years, even if those accounts are now closed. There may be a small charge for this type of service, however there are some companies out there which will give you this information for free.

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How do I check PPI on my loan, credit card or mortgage?

Unsure whether you had PPI on my loan, credit card or mortgage, and cannot find any documentation to support this? This can be rectified with a simple call to your lender. Most banks and other financial organisations will be able to tell you whether you have had PPI applied to any of your accounts, and some of the larger lenders even have an online PPI check form that you can use to see whether or not you are eligible for a claim.

The lender will often only need your name and address, however, there are some circumstances which will mean that you need to provide more information. Remember, if your account has been closed for some time and you have little to no details then you may find it more difficult to claim for PPI.

Is there anything else that PPI could have been called on my documentation?

Have you got lucky and found all the relevant documents but still not sure whether they relate to PPI?

Whilst some documentation will make it easier to spot by simply calling it PPI, however there are a number of other names that it could appear as. This includes sickness cover, unemployment insurance or even accident and injury protection.

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So, if you believe that you have a claim for PPI Scotland or throughout the UK then you should definitely get in touch with one of the best PPI claim company and see if you can pursue a claim back for the money you may have spent out on PPI.

The FCA have announced that there will be a deadline on making PPI claims (thought to be June 2019) after which, you will not be able to make claims on the money spent out on unwanted or mis-sold PPI.

That means there has never been a better time to check your PPI and whether or not you can make the claim; even if you think that you don’t have all the relevant details.