• Mr M won £17,122 back!

  • Mr A won £7,767.05 back!

  • Mrs F won £24,529.64 back!

  • Mrs E won £4,406.60 back!

“I wasn’t sure if I had PPI or if I was even due any money back but PPI Check Company sorted everything out for me and got me my mis-sold money back! Can’t thank you enough , I’ve got plans for the money already. Highly recommend you also check!”
Mrs D, Leeds
Loan account/agreement numbers not always needed to start your claim!

Claiming PPI Scotland? Info Inside!

It doesn’t matter where you live in the UK, claiming PPI doesn’t have to be difficult. Claiming PPI Scotland and claiming PPI England is a time consuming process. However, if you contact an expert PPI claim company then they can take on your claim and make sure that it is completed for you quickly and easily.

Claiming PPI in Scotland

Thanks to PPI claim companies, it has never been easier to make a claim for PPI. A lot of the time people are put off from making a PPI claim against any of their financial borrowing due to the older nature of the account. Or perhaps simply because they do not have time to make the claim.

ppi scotland

This is not the case if you use a professional PPI company for claiming PPI in Scotland.

There is often a 6 year time limit associated with PPI claims. This does not refer to a time limit on making a claim, more how long a lender needs to keep the records that relate to your account.

This 6 year limit is from when the account is completed. Not when it began.

Make your claim…

PPI claims can be worth thousands of pounds. Which means that you it is absolutely worthwhile making a claim.

A PPI claim company will take on the entire process on your behalf. They will communicate with the lender concerned and make sure that they have all the information that they require.

This doesn’t matter if the account is new, or whether it is an older account.

You won’t need to speak to the lender, everything will be taken care of on your behalf. Meaning that you can be rest assured that your PPI claim will be completed in no time at all.

Claim your PPI before the PPI deadline

The FCA have decided that all PPI claims should have a deadline placed on them. This means that after June 2019, you will no longer be able to make claims against any mis-sold PPI. Whether it is against a loan, a mortgage or any other type of financial borrowings, you could miss out on the money that you are entitled to.
Rather than wondering whether you can make a claim for PPI, why not find yourself a dedicated and professional PPI claims company who can help you throughout the entire process.

In no time at all you can make sure that you have every penny that you are entitled to. All without the hassle and stress that can sometimes come from making a PPI Scotland claim yourself.

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